How do I order domains for catching?

With our system you can order deleted (in quarantine or locked) domains within our range of supported TLDs before they become available.

Orders are done through our auction-system.

Auction-end is every week, always mondays 2:00 pm.

To the current Domainlist

Ordering is risk-free! No extra costs for non-successful registered domains whatsoever.

Domainlist for the current Bid-end

In the domainlist for the current bid-end you will find domains, which are released shortly (after bid-end) with high probability from their respective registry.

So you are ordering domains before they actually become available.

You can place your bid directly in this list for each domain. Usually the minimum bid is EUR 50,00 net (EUR 60,00 incl. tax), further bids are EUR 100,00 / EUR 200.- / EUR 300,00 and so on.

With multiple equal highest bids, the first one will count as the current highest bid.

Using the filters „highestbidder“ and „non-highestbidder“ you will immediately see all domains you are listed as the current respective bidder.

The moment you are overbid, you will get another 10 minutes extra time to respond to it.

For more details look at „10 Minute ANTI-SNIPE SYSTEM“

Every Monday at 3:00 pm the „Domainlist for current bid-end“ will be replaced with domains for bid-end on the following monday at 2:00 pm.

Domains without bids will be moved also on monday at 3:00 pm to „Domainlist of previous week“.

Details can be found here.

.de characteristics

The minimum bid for .de domains is EUR 50,- net. Further bidding steps are EUR 100,-/200,-/300,- etc.

A small amount of premium domains have a minum bid of up to EUR 2.000,-. This is shown when placing a bid.

Based on our experience we know that extreme high resources are necessary for certain premium domains – thats why the minimum bid is higher.


We are using a so called „Anti-Snipe System“ for bid-end. Thus a transparent bid-end will be achieved.

Bid-end is always monday 2:00 pm. The bid-end extends for another exact 10 minutes, if a new highest bid is placed before the last 10 minutes of the bid-end for a domain. If another highest bid is placed within this „extra time“ another 10 minutes will add, and so on...

This means, should you be overbid, you always have 10 minutes extra time to respond to it.

(After monday 11:30 pm no more bids are possible, but we do not expect a bid developing to such a „hard“ end)

Domains without bid(s) to bid-end (Domainlist of previous week)

Starting from monday 3:00 pm, domains that have no bid at current bid-end, can be ordered for a special price of EUR 20,00 net (EUR 24,00 incl. VAT) (except .de).

This usually is possible up to one day before the domain actually becomes available. As soon as you successfully ordered a domain from this list, you cannot be overbid again. As our catch-system generally prioritises after bid-prices, a higher bid-price for these orders of EUR 20,00 net (EUR 24,00 incl. tax) is possible.

This will raise the chance of a successful registration.