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18009 deleted .de domain names,
8480 deleted .eu domain names,
3581 deleted .be domain names,
2334 deleted .at domain names,
4423 deleted .ch domain names
... in the current auction list. Domain Services GmbH

About us Domain Services GmbH (corporation) was founded in August 2005. Our ambitious goal back then was to be first choice for our clients when it comes to .eu domain introduction.

On December 12, 2005, when the .eu domain started we were able to proof our expertise impressively. All client requests were placed at EURid within the first two minutes.

At that time over 95% of the requests were ranked NUMBER 1 successfully at EURid. This is a selection:,,,,, and many more...

We are specializing in being faster than our competitors. Another chance to demonstrate that was when the one- and two-digit .de domains were introduced in October 2009. We were able to register domains like,,, etc. successfully.

When internationalized domain names (IDN) were introduced under .eu we recorded a success rate of over 98% in the end of 2009. A majority of the most requested vowel mutation domains were registered for our clients through For example: flü, bü, mö or ä ...

In collaboration with various technical partners and server locations worldwide we constantly expand our domain range. Through our catch service we currently offer .de, .be, .at and .ch / .li to catch in addition to .eu.